Saturday, 30 June 2012

Rachel Zoe Resort 2013

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Blurring the line between holidays and work, the 2013 Rachel Zoe Resort collection basically did just that. It seems to me that for half the collection, the wearer is already holidaying in paradise or she's procrastinating work by dreaming about holidaying in paradise.
Patterned chiffon dresses in a myriad of brights and pastels were balanced out by wide-legged trousers and structured jackets. Sprinkled with some sequins and embellishments with that little dash of fur completed this transitional collection.
My favourite aspect was the use of that beautiful mediterranean blue (picture 1) which on one hand could represent the ocean right before your eyes but on the other hand ... the vision of the ocean in your daydreams. Isn't that the point of this collection anyways? Forever reminding you of that other place you would rather be. Evoking that itching feeling of ditching your day job and flying to paradise.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


fashion, personal style, outfit, DIY, studded collar, white, shirt, zipper, shorts
fashion, personal style, outfit, DIY, studded collar, white, shirt, zipper, shorts
fashion, personal style, outfit, DIY, studded collar, white, shirt, zipper, shorts
fashion, personal style, outfit, DIY, studded collar, white, shirt, zipper, shorts

Top: Thrifted/DIY ... Shorts: ASOS ... MAC Vegas Volt (on lips)

Following up from my DIY post on how to stud a collar, here's my outfit with the gold dome studs as the centrepiece. I decided to keep the outfit really simple and monochromatic, with just shades of black and white with gold detailing. I'm wearing a pair of black zipper shorts that I ordered from ASOS along with the plain white button down (which now is decorated with studs). I'm not wearing any accessories, not even shoes because they would just be irrelevant distractions.
If you follow my blog regularly (especially my personal style posts) you would've realised that I've chosen a new location to shoot this look. It's no longer that blank wall I always use. What do you think?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

DIY: Studded Collar Shirt

DIY, stud, studded, collar, white, shirt, gold, cone

Finally, my order from Studs and Spikes arrived in the mail where it took about 20 working days to ship to Australia. I'm so esctatic because they look exactly how I imagined. I ordered a bag of 50 Standard English77 Golden Studs and a bag of 100 Standard 1/2 Pyramid Silver Studs.
To shop for studs go to

DIY, stud, studded, collar, white, shirt, gold, coneFor this DIY post, I'll be using the Standard English77 Golden studs from Studs and Spikes, or in other words gold cone studs. Pictured right is a close up of the studs I will be using. As you can see, the front consists of a smooth gold tone metal in the shape of a cone and the back features 2 sharp prongs which will puncture the fabric. A pack of 50 should be enough to stud an entire collar.
Of course, this DIY is only a reference and you can use whatever size, style or colour studs you like.

* Collared shirt
* Pack of 50 studs
* Butter knife (optional)
* Scissors (optional)

DIY, stud, studded, collar, white, shirt, gold, cone

1. Decide where you want to place the first stud. If you want to mark it out with pencil you can.
2. Get your first stud and gently push the prongs into the fabric. It should look like PICTURE 1. If you're having difficulty puncturing the fabric, you might want to use scissors to create some holes first.
3. Flip the fabric upside down and fold the prongs over one by one. This is where the optional butter knife comes in. If you've got delicate fingers, use the butter knife to gently press it down.
4. Get creative, repeat steps 2-3 until you've reached your desired result. You can choose to stud the tips of the collar, the entire collar or your entire shirt! For inspiration go to my studded collar inspiration post.

DIY, stud, studded, collar, white, shirt, gold, cone


DIY, stud, studded, collar, white, shirt, gold, cone
DIY studded collar, studded collar, studded shirt, white button up shirt, gold done studs, Studs and Spikes, style, fashion

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Obsession: Studded collars

It's definite. I'm starting a new DIY project to stud a plain white collared button down. Without giving too much away, just stay tuned for the next week or so since the studs should be arriving in the mail around that time. This post is a little inspirational preview leading up to my first DIY post.

Anyways, on to the actual topic. I've been really inspired lately by collars, in all forms and sizes; peter pan, chelsea, metallic, embellished. Since it's getting colder here, I think studded collars would look amazing just poking out of a chunky sweater or overlapped with other collars for that layered look. Here is a selection of dresses and blouses with already studded collars.

My Picks

1. Total Stud Blouse from Nasty Gal. I love the breezy chiffon toughened by the cut out shoulders and of course the gunmetal studded collar.
2. Sleeveless blouse with Studded Collar by Lipsy.
3. Love the powder blue colour of this Rachel Blouse By Goldie from Topshop.
4. Studded Leather Collar Tweed Dress by Sister Jane.


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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Obsession: Cambridge Satchel Company

Seriously, how cute and versatile are those satchel bags? Their boxy and structured satchel shape reminds me of a uni carry all but the extensive selection of colours and textures from neutrals to brights to metallics makes a great fashion statement. All crafted in premium leather, they feature a flap front and twin buckle closure, a small front pocket and that longline shoulder strap.
Though they are a little price-y ranging from $120-$200, treat them like an investment. This has basically been on my wishlist for such a long time I would start out neutral and wearable like the chestnut coloured 15" Leather Satchel. Then maybe start expanding into trendy territory with the metallic purple 13" Leather Satchel or a two-toned satchel like the Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Green and Navy 14".