Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sretsis S/S 2012

I always love discovering a new brand and reading about their design philosophy so an attraction to Sretsis came instantly. Sisters Pim, Kly and Matina Sukhahuta started their label in 2002 and continues to create collections that 'read like an adventurous autobiography as they take inspirations from those around them and what captures their flight of fantasy at a certain period of time.' On a side note, sisters spelt backwards is 'sretsis' hence the brand name (pretty smart isn't it?).

Their Spring Summer 2012 collection '“Oh, My Dear, Deer!” echoes the simple joys and happiness of the country as it 'pays tribute to the quiet flight of fancy and Kly’s never told wish to relocate to a farm' Be inspired by their collection filled with dears and daisies, patterned patchwork denim, prairie girl dresses and printed jumpsuits.

To read more about Sretsis or the collection concept go to http://www.sretsis.com/

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Trending: Graphic Tees

No longer is just a dog a man's best friend... Givenchy takes an obvious bias towards the Rottweiler breed. I also bet that Star Wars viewer stats have gone up significantly since the Balenciaga sweaters. From the Spring/Summer 2013 street style and the fall/winter 2012/13 runways, it seems that a massive obsession with graphic tees have emerged.

I mean, why not be a walking poster for anything and everything you love? Balenciaga sure turned something geeky into a major trend icon and if was up to me ... I would totally DIY a tee with an abstract Nemo plastered across my chest (free marketing for Pixar anyone?)

Graphic t-shirt, kenzo, fall winter 2012/13, runway, collection, trend, graphic
Kenzo F/W 2012/13

Balenciaga, Star Wars, street style, fashion, graphic trend, trend
inspiration, street style, Givenchy Rottweiler T-shirt, trend, graphic trend, Balenciaga sweater
street style, inspiration, runway, fall winter 2012/13, Balenciaga, Star Wars, graphic tee, trend
Balenciaga F/W 2012/13

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2. Givenchy Rottweiler t-shirt
3. Fairground Mirror Tee

Friday, 5 October 2012

Oversized at PFW Chanel S/S 2013

Wind turbines & solar panels ... it's starting to sound like an ecological geography project. But no, we're talking about the Chanel S/S 2013 collection presented at the Grand Palais for Paris Fashion Week. After careful observation, I finally see the link between the giant propellors and the garments.

Simply, it was an easy, breezy collection projecting this carefree serenity as if carried by the wind. This reference to wind energy is apparent in the grid pattern on trapeze dresses and the reworked tweed to resemble solar panels. Just like the towering rotating turbines, an oversized theme served as a perfect parallel. Think; pearls the size of christmas baubles, massive transparent sun hats and volumminous bell shaped jackets. My favourite? That sequin dress referencing solar panels and the bizarre hula hoop bag (anyone want to take that one to the beach?)

Picture Source: http://www.vogue.com.au/