Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fashion Illustrators Who Knows Their Stuff

Being completely inept myself, I'm always fascinated by those who can draw ... or more specifically those who can illustrate fashion. It is a great talent to be able to capture the movements, textures and shapes of three dimensional fabrics with the scribble of a pen. Clearly, the days of drawing stick figures and a little triangle as a dress are gone for this talented bunch. So without too much rambling from me, here are some fashion illustrators-slash-bloggers who I absolutely envy ...

1. Sabine Pieper (creates illustrations for Elle UK & Mykromag)

fashion illustration, sabine pieper, elle UK
fashion illustration, sabine pieper, elle UK

fashion illustration, sabine pieper, elle UK

fashion illustration, sabine pieper, elle UK
2. Igor + Andre (support their Etsy here)
fashion illustration, igor + andre

fashion illustration, Igor + Andre
3. Fifi Lapin (because fashion is so much cooler when it's a bunny...)
fashion illustration, Fifi Lapin

fashion illustration, Fifi lapin

fashion illustration, Fifi Lapin

4. The PVDH Journal (blogger, fashion illustrator & jewelry designer)
fashion illustration, The PVDH Journal

fashion illustration, The PVDH Journal

fashion illustration, The PVDH Journal

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

'And we can't stop. And we won't stop'

miley cyrus, we can't stop, Stampd LA, fashion, style, giant teddy bear, prada, metallic platform
Out of the 68 million ... 50% disliked. 'What happened to Hannah Montanna?' 'She's changed so much' they all say. Personally, I quite like this new Miley, she's got a lot of character which I didn't care for previously. That is another topic altogether.

What I couldn't help noticing was the complete change of personal style and self expression; the most obvious being her edgy pixie cut. (I was also wondering how heavy that massive teddy bear was ... any takers?) Throughout the video, we see her in various outfits consisting of
1. An all-white-crop-with-leggings
2. A skimpy spaghetti strap overalls ... with a crop
3. An oversized fur coat
4. A barely-there swimsuit with palm trees to cover her parts

miley cyrus, we can't stop, Minimale animals, golden triangle swimsuit, barbie
It doesn't take someone with 20/20 vision to realise that she wasn't exactly 'clothed'. But (and here's the big BUT), it also doesn't take a fashion editor to realize that what she wore is considered 'on trend' and is the epitome of youth fashion in the 21st century.

Lets dissect!

Outfit 1 fits in the category of 'sports luxe' popularised by Isabel Marant, Phillip Lim 3.1 and Alexander Wang. Styled with some gold accessories and reflective shades, it was on the dot ... street style.
Outfit 2 could literally be bought in any accessible high street or chain store, see Topshop for the crop maybe Solestruck for the shoes.
Outfit 3, well that's what the fuss with thrift shops are all about.
And finally that swimsuit by Minimale Animale in Outfit 4 which could be bought on Nastygal, one of the greatest online shopping sites known to my bookmarked list. True fact: I actually contemplated getting that swimsuit (then decided I couldn't pull it off as well as Miley did).

What I'm saying is that what she wore is essentially what pop culture glorifies and is marketed to average teenagers. For crying out loud, she didn't get her clothes from an adult shop selling stripper wear!

So here's the key question:
Is it her attitude and sexual writhing and ass shaking which is garnering so much hate? Or is it because of her style? Because if it is her style that is supposedly making her a 'slut', then that's a comment on fast fashion itself.

Although I have one criticism Miley ... please don't twerk again.

Shop her style 

miley cyrus, we can't stop, minimale animale, stampd la, west coast crop, dope swimsuit, eos lip balm, prada metallic sandal

1. Minimale Animale Golden Triangle Swimsuit 
2. Stampd LA West Coast Crop Top 
3. EOS lipbalm 
4. Prada Metallic Platform Sandal
5. Stampd LA DOPE swimsuit 

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Valentino HC F/W 2013-14

Valentino Haute Couture F/W 2013-14, Paris Haute Couture, Fashion week, baroque, medieval

Touching on brocade in my last post, it seems a major influence in Valentino's Haute Couture F/W 2013/14 collection harks back to the medieval and baroque days. With it's antique gold trimmings and cameo-like windows, showing not a portrait of a human but rhinoceroses and lions, everything was fit for a queen.

That royal air was most apparent in it's ornate intricacies and looking through the details gallery, one can see the amazing craftsmanship. So much so that if Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccoli (creative directors since 2008) told me that their 'blood, sweat and tears' went into each gown, I would believe them.

Working with materials such as tweed and cashmere, the collection screamed elegance and expense. However I also sensed some level of purity. Without getting deep into any biblical references, there was a cleansing element so crisp and upfront as if in midst of purgatory.
Confess everyone, we're under the rule of the Valentino monarchy ... 

Valentino Haute Couture F/W 2013-14, Paris Haute Couture, Fashion week, baroque, medieval

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