Saturday, 7 September 2013

Broken Flowers

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A house with ripped wallpaper and no furniture.

Perhaps a single mattress. 

Centre stage stands a creature of bed hair draped in blossoming florals and bombers. 

There's something sombre and lonely about Cameo's editorial for the upcoming spring/summer. Such domestic stillness pervading these shots contrasts against the bright whites and prints of the clothing. To me, it's a story of experiment; juxtaposing masculine silhouettes with feminine prints. The styling - raw and organic is free from any fanciful frills. Thrown together by the teenage character. 

She likes to play dress ups when nobody's home.

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  1. Love each outfit, the hair, and the delicate detailing of each distinct wallpaper. Great photos!

  2. she is so pretty! <3 love the pictures

  3. This Cameo collection is definitely my favourite so far. That black and white dress with the sheer panels is absolute perfection x