Thursday, 14 August 2014



Shirt: French Connection ... Pants: ASOS 
Shoes: Birkenstock ... Necklace: Market Vendor 

P&P goes to Darwin! One half of the newly developed, fun-loving duo at Primped and Primed has headed to the Territory’s Top End to escape Sydney’s winter chills.

To introduce myself, my name is Marvic Casingal. I am 18 years old and – despite being older than my other half/partner in crime – see myself as the younger ‘brother’ to the sophisticated Sharon.  I am also the official head of all things menswear and will be covering sartorial trends in male fashion, runway coverage and personal style.

So we’ve all heard of that expression “dress of the occasion”; whether you’re off to the beach, the races or a cute night out with a special someone, this good old saying rings true in almost all instances of planning your outfit. As much as we’d all love to wear our favourite pair of jeans and sneakers to our best friends wedding, the truth of the matter is you just can’t. To avoid looking like Miley Cyrus at the VMAs and sticking out like a sore thumb, it is essential to dress according to the event, the weather and your personal style.

This get-up is a great example of dressing accordingly – considering the 33 degree heat, the at-home dinner party etiquette and my go-to looks. What would typically call for jeans, a button-up shirt and some nice oxfords, in Darwin, calls for a clever mixture of comfort, class and effortless cool. The all-important 3 C’s.

My love for a monochrome colour palette and cropped trousers is paramount – so of course I had to dress according to my signature look. But to spice things up and opt for the added points in comfort, I swapped out the oxfords and button-ups for a good old pair of black Birkenstocks with a perforated tee.

As a look which a culmination of planning, thought and fashion know-how, this outfit is a display of my personal style, dressing for the occasion and navigating through the many problems we fashionistas/fashionistos face. #thefabulousfashionlife. So good luck all you beautiful individuals – think comfort, think classy and dress to kill. 

Primed men 
By Marvic Casingal 

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  1. I think its cool that you guys will now be trying to address both gender and dress style. And I am loving the new header and layout, looks cleaner and more "profesh!" Can't wait to see all the future outfits, and maybe some matching or contrasting looks together!

  2. great:) x

  3. I love the shirt and the necklace. It's totally cool. <3

  4. Hi Marvic! Nice to meet you on Sharon's blog! That necklace is so cool~ and those sandals :'D Love the scenery with all those spikes too.

    Chic Nikkie