Sunday, 8 July 2012

Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013

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Elie Saab once again produced a breathtaking show with his concoction of evening and cocktail gowns. For Fall/Winter Couture 2013 Saab dreamed up dressed dripping with embellishments, webbed with lace and sometimes even flaked with gold illusions. Although I do find his shapes all very similar, it's quite obvious that Elie Saab's talents to not lie in silhouettes but in every minute detail. From where he places the lace or crystal encrusting to the movement of the gown, everything looks so carefully sketched and resketched, made and remade to achieve perfection.
The colour palette was like a fascinating journey through light and dark; beginning his show with an oil slick black which them morphed into lighter shades of pastel nude, peach and blue, a vivid teal then finished off with a rich shade of gold. I have to say, between all those pastels the teal did provide a much needed drama and intensity.
Yes, I am constantly drawn to Elie Saab's collection every season. In  my defense who wouldn't be with all those red carpet ready gowns perfected in one show?


  1. OMG! i love this collection! ♥ AMAZING . ;*