Saturday, 13 July 2013

'And we can't stop. And we won't stop'

miley cyrus, we can't stop, Stampd LA, fashion, style, giant teddy bear, prada, metallic platform
Out of the 68 million ... 50% disliked. 'What happened to Hannah Montanna?' 'She's changed so much' they all say. Personally, I quite like this new Miley, she's got a lot of character which I didn't care for previously. That is another topic altogether.

What I couldn't help noticing was the complete change of personal style and self expression; the most obvious being her edgy pixie cut. (I was also wondering how heavy that massive teddy bear was ... any takers?) Throughout the video, we see her in various outfits consisting of
1. An all-white-crop-with-leggings
2. A skimpy spaghetti strap overalls ... with a crop
3. An oversized fur coat
4. A barely-there swimsuit with palm trees to cover her parts

miley cyrus, we can't stop, Minimale animals, golden triangle swimsuit, barbie
It doesn't take someone with 20/20 vision to realise that she wasn't exactly 'clothed'. But (and here's the big BUT), it also doesn't take a fashion editor to realize that what she wore is considered 'on trend' and is the epitome of youth fashion in the 21st century.

Lets dissect!

Outfit 1 fits in the category of 'sports luxe' popularised by Isabel Marant, Phillip Lim 3.1 and Alexander Wang. Styled with some gold accessories and reflective shades, it was on the dot ... street style.
Outfit 2 could literally be bought in any accessible high street or chain store, see Topshop for the crop maybe Solestruck for the shoes.
Outfit 3, well that's what the fuss with thrift shops are all about.
And finally that swimsuit by Minimale Animale in Outfit 4 which could be bought on Nastygal, one of the greatest online shopping sites known to my bookmarked list. True fact: I actually contemplated getting that swimsuit (then decided I couldn't pull it off as well as Miley did).

What I'm saying is that what she wore is essentially what pop culture glorifies and is marketed to average teenagers. For crying out loud, she didn't get her clothes from an adult shop selling stripper wear!

So here's the key question:
Is it her attitude and sexual writhing and ass shaking which is garnering so much hate? Or is it because of her style? Because if it is her style that is supposedly making her a 'slut', then that's a comment on fast fashion itself.

Although I have one criticism Miley ... please don't twerk again.

Shop her style 

miley cyrus, we can't stop, minimale animale, stampd la, west coast crop, dope swimsuit, eos lip balm, prada metallic sandal

1. Minimale Animale Golden Triangle Swimsuit 
2. Stampd LA West Coast Crop Top 
3. EOS lipbalm 
4. Prada Metallic Platform Sandal
5. Stampd LA DOPE swimsuit 

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  1. I totally agree with you. She is wearing what is trending now, but I guess since we all know her as Hannah Montana, we see it as a drastic change. Sometimes it seems like she's trying too hard and that's what I don't like about her new eccentric style, in addition to the twerking!

    1. Great answer! It is a drastic change but it is also a change that probably everyone goes through. Although her attitude did seem slightly forced which
      unfortunately came off as try-hard.

  2. I love her! I think the problem with her is that she had to have such a clean image for so long that Disney wanted her to have and she's finally got the chance to break free, and people seem to have a problem with it because she's 'changed', maybe now she's just being who she always was under the squeaky clean image? I recently posted about her street style which is a lot more covered up than the video, I think she's great :) xx

    1. That's an interesting point you make there! Maybe Miley's real character never fitted the mould that Disney wanted her to be. Nonetheless, there's no point discussing the personal life of Miley since we will never know. It was her absolutely eccentric and quirky style that caught my eye to write this post :)

  3. I don't think the problem is her style/what she was wearing, because it is on trend right now (and that Dope one piece is on my wishlist, sigh) - I think it's what she was doing whilst wearing them. Her antics seemed way too much and as if she was trying too hard to be sexy and provocative, etc. She doesn't have to go for the shock value (I mean, Selena didn't and people still recognize her as mature, you know?) to be taken seriously. I love her (street) style and likewise - I wish she'd stop 'twerking' :| great outfit dissection! x

    1. Nailed it!! Looks like you've answered the key question :) it's a good thing that she's getting attacked because of her provocative antics (which does seem sometimes a little fake and for the camera) rather than her style. I feel like those pieces could be worn very tastefully yet still keeping it youthful and edgy

  4. I still love Miley, shes just a bad bitch, always has been always will be.

  5. At first, I hated Miley Cyrus and thought she was just a daddy-famous rich brat, but it's no surprise that people love her other than being Hannah Montana. She's broken away from the clean image of Disney, and I think that's okay - no one is young and innocent forever. I personally believe that her sense of style has definitely evolved to a more mature level, however she still comes across a little try-hard and a little sluttish (based on her behaviour). She's a role model for younger generations, and I think her over-sexualisation of her body isn't something to aspire to. With that said, I do appreciate how on trend her style has become...I only wish it was done more tastefully.

  6. Think back to Lady Gaga's "Telephone". Even though Gaga is a known rule-breaker and trendsetter that video still caused controversy for being too sexual and pornographic. Yes Miley being a childhood star and role model increased the criticism, but it would have happened to anyone who thrusted on a bed and tried to twerk. Especially if the twerking was sub-par, oh Miley

    1. hahah sub-par twerking!! Although twerking is difficult so props to her for TRYING :S
      I like your point Anusha T, and I think people are just not used to it since she is breaking away from her squeaky clean Disney star image. However my main question is: Is it her style that is making her a supposed 'slut'? Or is it her attitude and antics while she's wearing it?

    2. I guess it depends what you consider to be "slutty". But then that's a whole other topic of what society deems to be slutty vs what you're comfortable wearing. I'm more inclined to believe it was her antics more than her clothing, but I mean a see-through swimsuit with nipple patches can't really help.

    3. It's all very subjective isn't it? Really does come down to personal opinion. However we can probably all agree that her actions were over-sexualised which I feel seemed a bit fake at times. She should also maybe take twerking lessons to prevent any further embarrassment ...
      Lastly, would you buy the nipple patch swimsuit?

  7. this is so true - i'm definitely not a fan of the new miley!
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  8. The new Miley is indeed rather different and wild. But she can "carry" her style the best way she knows how. :) Nice post Sharon!
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  9. I've always disliked Miley Cyrus since her change, because though I'm 20 and older than her. I loved Hannah Montanna because I don't care, I enjoy Disney (back then). And I took it as a new Lizzie McGuire. AHAHA

    However the hate turn for worst when her dance crew won against Adam Chu's Dance Crew in a dance battle in 2007-2008, I can't remember. aHAH I know I'm such a loser.

    I guess its out of bitterness that she's engaged, more successful that I dislike her outrageous style and attitude. Now I've become numb to her infamous ways. I admit she does have a charm for fashion if those like that. I like how you try to be unbiased and balanced in seeing the ways of Miley. Love it!

  10. The right word is Stunning!

    Love this pieces!

    You know to be sexy! Love this song and the tematic of this video

    Would you like follow each other? I'll be sooo glad =) Let me know

  11. Actually, I love Miley's current style, so chic!

  12. Hi omg hahah this is so cool how you found her exact outfit, I love Miley Cyrus (minus the crappy twerking)! Thanks so much I actually really want those togs even tho I would never wear them in public, to say that no one I know would ever have these and to say that this is the original outfit she wore sounds pretty awesome to me.

    Anon X