Friday, 24 August 2012

MBFFS Day 4: CO. by Cotton On S/S 2012

Listen up all you youngsters!! Cotton on and CO. by Cotton On has really upped the ante in their Spring/Summer 2012 collection. To be honest, I was never a screaming fan of Cotton On; just something about the design and the fabrics screamed 'been done before... unoriginal'. However after what I saw today, I think my mindset has done a complete 360. The brand has taken some major trend cues and have been inspired by some of the most iconic brands in fashion.

Personally, the style of this collection is totally up my alley. I think the general success is in the details. Somewhere along Cotton Ons' design process, some genius decided to add in really chic touches which definitely grabbed my attention.

C.O by Cotton On

Mercedes-Benz, Fashion, Festival, Sydney, Cotton On, Model, teenage, clothing, chic, stylish
Mercedes-Benz, Fashion, Festival, Sydney, Cotton On, Model, teenage, clothing, chic, stylish

Fast cars... sugary pastels... an optical illusion bodysuit. As soon as the first model walked out, I was sure that Cotton On might have... maybe taken some inspiration from Prada S/S 2012. Look at the Prada picture below and compare with this collection.
Still can't see it? Take the Printed Pleat Dress (1) for example. That butterfly ripple of colours (which always seem to make me scream for neapolitan ice cream) and those box pleats; doesn't it look like the first Prada dress in the picture below?
I would definitely not call this plagarism... merely perhaps a tribute and I love it. I may be bias now to how much I like Cotton On just because they were possibly inspired by that Prada collection. My favourite were the beautiful details like those lace or pearl collars, the feminine pleats and the candy stripe pants. I'm such a fan of these dreamy textures and colours toughened up by the occasional biker or bomber jacket.

Prada S/S 2012

Mercedes-Benz, Fashion, Festival, Sydney, Cotton On, Model, teenage, clothing, chic, stylish

The second half of their collection was sort of a baroque meets religious mexican fiesta. Possibly taking inspiration from Balmain S/S 2012 and their trademark of tough-chic consisting of strong shoulders, heavy embellishment and luxurious detailing. Love the use of metallic gold and my favourite piece is the jacket with the intricately decorated shoulders.

Balmain S/S 2012
Stay tuned for backstage ...


  1. We do not have Cotton On in Germany :(
    BUT the Prada outfit on the outer left, with the light blue pleated skirt with the print, was one of my favorites this season (I was THIS close to buying it - thanks to Zara I copied it, kinda) :)

  2. WOW great post ! Love it !

    XX Luba
    Well Living Blog

  3. OMG such a lovely collection!!
    I discovered you thanks to IFB and as I said I'm going to follow you by GFC and twitter, your blog is so lovely!

    XOXO, Collage Minimalista

  4. Wow, some really adorable pieces (although the retro car print might be a little too Prada!) I would still buy them! xx emileeanne

  5. Cotton On have about 8 stores in Germany Katherine!!

    Totally loving the Balmain-esque looks

  6. Fab review! Wish I could have been in Sydney to attend!

    Oh and thanks for your congrats too! New follower right here ;)

  7. Great pictures and review:)
    They do look so similar to the Prada collection, you're so right! Still amazing though.

    --The Urban Lioness

  8. I visited there store for the 1st time recently and I wasn't impressed. The clothes looked nothing like this! Can't believe its the same brand!

    Come check out my blog!

  9. i can't believe this is cotton on, praise jesus if they are finally lifting their game because i love their prices but i hate 90% of their clothes. love your blog btw (you sent me a msg on ifb).

  10. Thank you for your comment :)
    Lovely post!
    I'll follow you on Bloglovin.
    Mind to follow me back on GFC/Bloglovin?


  11. cute collection, but as you pointed out, a lot of "influences" from other designers:)
    xx Kate

  12. Wow, these collections really are similar to Prada and Balmain. But nevertheless, they look cool!
    Also, thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    Bowtie Diary

  13. thanks for sharing.

  14. wow, couldn't stop reading this article!
    Very interesting and great pictures!