Thursday, 16 August 2012

Obsession: Denim Shirt

Spring is so soon, I can feel my hayfever acting up by the pollen particles carried in the air. Flowers are blossoming, the sun has decided to show it's face and I no longer find myself crouching in front of the heater every morning. That means it's probably time to think about some transition pieces as there's still a cold chill in the air (yes... i said spring is coming but it hasn't arrived just yet).

I'm thinking the effortless denim shirt would be a perfect addition to anyones wardrobe. It's easy and casual with that hint of a laidback vibe ... open to so many interpretations.
Pair it with black leather shorts and tan brogues? Slip it over a white lace dress? Layer it under a structured blazer? Of course, a dark denim shirt definitely calls for some DIY studding and that denim blue shade looks amazing with tan, mustard, gold and leopard print. Also, not bothered to buy the women's version? Borrow your boyfriends and say it's oversized... GENIUS!

My Picks
1. Sheinside Light Blue Floral Lining Denim Shirt
2. American Apparel Unisex Denim Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt
3. Denim and Supply by Ralph Lauren Denim Shirt with Beading
4. Topshop MOTO Collar Tip Denim Shirt
5. River Island Denim Shirt with Studded Collar

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  1. i adore the pants!!! the pink pops!!

  2. your inspos are awesome!!
    i've followed you x

  3. So inspiring! :) Love your blog! I'm your new follower! :)

  4. I absolutely love your moodboards!
    Love your blog !

    ♡ candace from [ aphrodite blue ]


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  6. I think denim shirts are so hott! Love it.

  7. love denim shirts!
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  9. You have a lovely blog. And the post is great, I love denim and it is so comfy and you can easily pair it up with anyting.

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  10. I've always have loved denim and I'm glad to see it coming back. I love that River Island shirt you posted - studs and denim is a pair made in fashion heaven!

    Just followed, looking forward to more~

  11. Yes to denim shirts! But I'm still in search for the 'perfect' one! (:

  12. So timeless. Have yet to find the right fit still.

  13. Denim never goes out of style! I love your fashion inspirations!

    Sai from