Friday, 16 May 2014

Designer Profile: Jennifer Loiselle

This is the costume jewellery I would invest in. 

Loud, proud and not for the faint hearted (or the minimalists), I think perhaps it is time to wear some oversized cherries on my ears or have a pair of acrylic hands resting on my d√©colletage. 

Jennifer Loiselle's eponymous label began through a combination of luck and a passion to make statement pieces. Transitioning from a Sydney newspaper writer and assistant stylist to a London designer, Loiselle satisfied her 'urge to create' while at the same time, found her true calling. Each collection is as unique as the last but still has its funky and colourful DNA running through the aesthetic. I caught up with designer Jennifer Loiselle about her label and her inspirations. 

1. What is your design aesthetic?

I'm a huge fan of pop art, pop culture, colour and oversized accessories - that pretty much sums up my design aesthetic.

2. Where/who do you get inspiration from when designing your next collection?

Inspiration comes from everywhere really - art, fashion, just watching the world go by. I'm lucky that London is at my doorstep, such a great city to inspired by!

3. Who is the quintessential 'Jennifer Loiselle' girl? Who do you envision wearing your pieces?

Girls and women who like to dress up for themselves and aren't interested in how others view them.

4. What is a piece of advice you would give to aspiring jewelry designers or those wanting to get into the fashion industry?

I think the key to getting into the industry, is to be very passionate about what you do and to really love it. A lot of hard work doesn't go astray and just keep going, even when you hear the word 'no'!

Jennifer Loiselle is sold in her online store, Boticca and Etsy

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  1. Such awesome and interesting pieces. You can tell art poo was a huge influence ;)


  2. I love bold jewelry, especially for summer. I really like the lips necklace.