Wednesday, 22 October 2014

INTERVIEW: Belinda Xia Illustration

These 'feel good' drawings surely brightened my day as I couldn't help but smile at the carefree brush strokes and patches of bright colour.

Discovering illustrator Belinda Xia on Instagram reinforced how social media can be the perfect breeding ground for young talents. Scrolling through her profile, I was immediately drawn to her illustrations' youthful and humorous quirk.

Twenty four year old Sydneysider Xia draws for "her own enjoyment" where she recently reignited her love of drawing after she "grew out of it at some point during high school."

Using art as a creative outlet, here I talk to Xia about her surroundings when she's in her design bubble.

What she hears:
"I'm loving Asgeir - he's like an Icelandic Bon Iver, really nice and chilled. I've usually got my iTunes playing a mixture of dorky and current music."

What she sees:
"There's a big bunch of flowers sitting in a glass vase on the windowsill. I draw in a room at the front of the house where I get the best light during the day and coincidentally the best view."

What she smells:
"The flowers on my desk - ideally fragrant pink lillies."

What she has in front of her:
"Arches watercolour paper (300gsm), a small Roymac brush and all my Daler Rowney inks sitting next to my watercolors, which I'll alternate depending on what colours I need."

What distracts her:
"The passerbys out my winder especially on the weekend as there's more of them." 

All pictures belong to Belinda Xia Illustration 

By Sharon Jiang 

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  1. Great interview! I love her work :)


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  2. Hi Sharon

    Loving the illustrations! So fresh and intricate :-)

    I hope you don't mind but I have nominated you for the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. I love your blog and follow you on Bloglovin' I will also follow you on social media too. My blog address is

    Emma Jayne x

  3. This is so creative and amazing. Gorgeous work. xx


  4. So gorgeous! I absolutely love the one of the lipsticks, but they are all pretty. x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark

  5. these are pretty..

    love, agnes.

  6. Thank you everyone for your lovely words! I appreciate every single comment x