Monday, 6 October 2014

OUTFIT POST: The Advisor

Shirt: Stray for Roger David ... Singlet: ASOS Australia ... Chinos: Country Road
Hat: Fallen Broken Street ... Sunglasses: Quay Eyewear Australia 
Socks: Country Road ... Shoes: Shubar for Hype DC

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival has now come to an end and I am pleased to say that my very first experience at an actual fashion shows didn’t disappoint. The pieces were amazing, the atmosphere addictive and the fashion, left, right and centre, all too inspiring. But the moment engrained into my psyche was not that of the silhouettes or nuanced details of the clothing, but the eye-opening advice given by a man bunked beside me in the shrouded media high-riser.

Unfortunately I have totally forgotten the name of this masked man (I know, what an idiot) but his American accent and extensive knowledge of the fashion industry is that which should be admired. From our passionate exchange, the thing that stuck me the most was education – education of who and what each designer is, means and stands for; and to how their collections and pieces have come to fruition.

So with that said and done, this outfit was my attempt at dressing myself in labels and pieces that I have conceptually learnt about – trying to educate myself on where a piece or design has come from, what it means and the inspiration behind it.

Fashion is about knowledge and understanding. It is not simply just ‘what looks good’ or ‘what looks bad’ – but the emotion, knowledge and heritage weaved within its threads.

With that said, from top to toe, the labels I am wearing are: Fallen Broken Street, Quay Eyewear Australia, Stray for Roger David, ASOS Australia, Country Road and Shubar for Hype DC.

Primed Men
By Marvic Casingal

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