Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Behind the Camera: Gypsy Smith

Playsuit: Spell Byron
Hat: H&M
Necklaces: Regal Rose and Tiffany&Co

One exceptionally busy afternoon at Sydney's Hyde Park, a 5’7”, fair beauty with lengthy limbs was lounging and laughing amongst the perfectly manicured Sandringham Gardens. 

Some metres down the track, awkwardly crouched on sandy gravel, dressed head to toe in white (likening to a Pascall marshmallow), wielding our photographic weapon of choice, this dorky duo.

It isn’t often that Sharon and I get the opportunity to work together behind the camera. But on the rare occasion that we do, it’s seemingly a match made in heaven. Maybe it’s the combined power of our two minds, our genuine love for photography and art, or simply, the fact that we aren’t the ones awkwardly running around in front of a camera. Regardless, this shoot brought together our creative minds in a way that we have never done so before.

As for the statuesque beauty? The focal point of this particular post? That’s Paige. And at 18, is such a humble, mature and warm-hearted human being. One to which Sharon and I are lucky to call our friend.

By Marvic Casingal 

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