Saturday, 30 March 2013

Supporting Aussie Labels

One random Tuesday, I was contacted for an interview by a uni student for her article on the 'future of Australian fashion in the midst of a technological and cultural revolution'. I never really mentioned this before but one of my crowns (THE ROSETTA) was featured in LMFF Etsy Interactive Exhibition.Therefore, she wanted to ask me some questions about my Etsy store and its future among Australian fashion.

All irrelevance aside, one of her questions was 'In the world of fast disposable fashion, why do you think it's important for consumers to support local independent designers rather than the mass chain stores?'

That really got me thinking because I suppose it's something that never crosses many peoples' minds.

This was my answer: I feel like Australian fashion is so diverse and doesn't just consist of all the chain stores that bombards our faces everyday. Fashion is evolving at a crazy speed where everyone wants to be on trend or even ahead of the trend and that's exactly what chain stores serve us. I've noticed that in each store, there's similar aesthetics, the same garments each season and for a lot of average consumers who observe and absorb everything given to them, that's the extent of fashion they know. 
But if you delve deeper, there are so many local designers with incredible talent and a completely unique taste. They are the ones who have rejected the norm, done something not necessarily provoking but just ... different. I once heard a quote that goes like this 'fashion says me too, but style says only me.' So if people really want something that's as individual as they are and not just being a slave to trends, supporting local designers is the way to go. That way, it conflicts the notion of disposable fashion where pieces are simply bought from chain stores for the fleeting period of trends and then dumped at the back of ones closet collecting dust. I'm not saying my floral crowns are for everyone but there are people who share the same style as me. And if never heard of geniune style go 'out of style'. 

On that note, I just want to share with you some Aussie labels that I love ... and maybe you will too.

1. Finders Keepers - Quirky prints & lots of colour

2. Cameo - unexpected silhouettes, prints & fabrics

3. Miss Unkon - dreamy, story-telling, whimsical

4. Fairground - Prints, prints and more prints

5. Evil Twin - edgy & grungy

6. Paint It Red - youthful vibe, unique prints

7. The Hiding Tree - Outstanding feminine frocks

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'In the world of fast disposable fashion, why do you think it's important for consumers to support local independent designers rather than the mass chain stores?' 
I would love to know your opinions so don't be afraid to speak your mind in the comments :)

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  1. It is so important to support Australian labels, especially with fashion becoming disposable; we should be investing our money in key pieces from Aussie labels !

  2. I'm very in love with some of aussie labels that though are slightly more expensive than a normal chain store item,yet worth saving up for. the edgy silhouettes of cameo's garments are definitely my favourite items

  3. Amazing labels!! I hope they offer international shipping... I guess I'll have to start saving. I especially love the first and second brand you showed, the prints and silhouettes are amazing!!

    X Saskia

  4. Love it!

    xx MJ

  5. love number 1 and 5..

  6. Your eloquency in your language is just beautiful, Sharon. I definitely go out of my way to find outfits from quirky and different labels.


  7. Finders keepes+Cameo are my favs <3

  8. I am obsessed with so many Australian designers I feel like I need to physically move there to get in on all this amazing fashion! Thanks for sharing others I haven't heard of I can't wait to check them out!

    xx Marla