Sunday, 17 March 2013

TRENDING: Holographic

holographic trend, vogue, digital, futuristic, metallic, jonathan saunders S/S 2013
holographic trend, vogue, digital, futuristic, metallic, Burberry S/S 2013
holographic trend, vogue, digital, futuristic, metallic, street style, bag
holographic trend, vogue, digital, futuristic, metallic, Burberry S/S 2013, backstage
holographic trend, vogue, digital, futuristic, metallic, Hugo Boss S/S 2013

holographic trend, vogue, digital, futuristic, metallic, Hugo Boss S/S 2013
After reading the section in the latest April Vogue Aus edition called 'Vogue Gets Digital', I've definitely noticed a shift in focus towards everything futuristic and digitally remastered.
An epiphany struck at one such quote: 'In the information age, where rapid communication, technological advancements and social  networking have presented us with a new global community, it seems close to anything is possible'. I really cannot debate that. In the 21st century, exclusivity is rare, fashion is immediate, and undoubtedly more fast-paced than ever before. Case in point: runways shows are LIVE-streamed to any dreaming couch potato such as myself and backstage photos can be found (maybe too) conveniently online.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I mean where else would I get my information from? I'm not front row or even industry. It's just this rapid technology has the capability to reach thousands of consumers in such a short span of time. Everyone and their grandma can become a critique. Therefore, designers are constantly caught up in the need to create something so new and fresh, it's borderline thrilling (see Alexander Wang S/S 2013). Shock-value ... I think that's what I'll call it.

Yes... I've realised I'm not talking much about this holographic trend instead going on a rant about something I haven't quite come to terms with myself. The key is not to quote me, but take what I've said and notice it yourself. Personally, I think that we all just want to keep up with the times by dressing like an oil-slicked space martian (go for it!).

My Picks 

4. Proenza Schouler: PS11 Mini Classic holographic 
6. Cheap Monday: Hologram Swing Bag 
7. Chrissie Morris: Sunburst sandals 

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  1. Love this holographic trend! Great picks too! x

  2. great post !
    i love this trend, burberry did it so well

  3. I like the bags in special :)

  4. I really love this trend! The Jonathan Saunders outfits are so nice!
    - Charlotte

  5. That metallic clutch is to die for x

  6. Definitely loving holographic and metallic clothing. Great picks. x

  7. Great blog post! Xox

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  8. I do like this trend...not sure I could pull it off though!
    Great compilation!

  9. I love how 90's this is! :)

    Great post xx


  10. This, by far, is my favorite trend for this year. I love apparel that is futuristic in tone, and anything with metallics wins my heart. I love metallics so much that I opted out on paying student loans for a month and procure Alexander Wang's silver loafer heels instead. I know, terrible. The Burberry Prorsum trench coats are my favorite. A girl can only dream, right? Thanks for posting these!

    P.S. would you like to follow each other?


  11. I found your blog and I am following you now!

    Hope you can follow me back

  12. I'd go for the bag!! :) xx

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  13. I've never been so in love with a trend (maybe baroque)!
    I definitely need to buy some holographic pieces!!


  14. love this trend! especially the top on the second pic!

  15. Love this trend, great round up! I just did one too:
    Love to know what you think, love your blog x

  16. I love holo stuff so this makes me pretty happy.. and OMG I can't believe there's a PS11 in holo... I need money!!! haha