Monday, 27 January 2014

Best of Neoprene Swimwear

The summer of 2013/14 is the summer of neoprene. It seems like everyone and their dog has got their hands on a pair of wetsuit beauties ... literally. On a morning walk around Bondi beach I saw a puppy labrador clothed in a neon colourblocked dog-suit, the material sucking in his food baby of liver pieces he had for breakfast. Girls, we have some competition.

Gone are the days where this synthetic rubber was used for functional purposes - orthopedic braces, laptop sleeves and even in civil engineering. Neither is it a private trademark of pro surfers and divers, their exclusive cult probably run by the mantra 'If you don't wear neoprene, get out!'

Here in Sydney, I spot girls of all ages wearing the popular Triangl bikinis or bandeaus. Below I've selected a few quirkier and lesser worn labels which might widen your selection when looking to purchase neoprene swimwear.

Triangl, Lisa Marie Fernandez, Neoprene swimwear, Skye & Staghorn, N.L.P Women, Roxy

1. Triangl Swimwear - Dakota Superfly
3. Skye & Staghorn - Electric Foam Full Piece 
4. Triangl Swimwear - Miami Mint
5. N.L.P - High Neck Bikini Top 
7. Lisa Marie Fernandez - Arden Flounce Swimsuit (similar HERE & HERE)   
8. Skye & Staghorn - Shark Bite Bikini Black 

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  1. I really love number 2!

  2. I've yet to try a neoprene swimsuit. Among these, I like the N.L.P High Neck Bikini Top, just because it looks unique.

  3. I love the N.L.P bathers are so nice! So much love xxx

  4. I love neoprene swimsuits... gone are the days you needed padding in your bikini to avoid awkward nipple stags.... And its always super hard finding any other brand but triangl...

  5. Love those neoprene bathing suits! They are sooo creative and colourful! AND I need one!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  6. The triangl bikinis are so perfect!!

    xx MJ

  7. love all these bathing suits! Awesome!!