Friday, 29 August 2014

OUTFIT POST: Light Leaks

Sweater: Nique Clothing … Chinos: Roger David
Shoes: Vans … Necklace: Topman

As the eerie grey skies open up above the bustling Sydney streets, it seems almost inevitable that my mind grows nostalgic of the warmth and sunshine of the Australian summer. This unruly sense of longing for days filled only with sun, smiles and some much needed R&R is all that is ever-present this time of year. It is in moments such as these that I am truly thankful for the occasional, one-off days which seeming defy the dreary winter weather which too often plagues Sydney.

As I have instagrammed time and time again, my yearning for the days of summers passed is all that my arching heart desires. But instead of sitting here like an absolute dork, crying pathetically over something which is irrefutable out of my control, I have settled for the next best thing: photographs – of which, I’ve decided to share with those of you who are equally as needy as I am.

So here I impart to you the gift of a gorgeous sunny day which I hope will somewhat mend your broken heart, fill that empty void and reconstitute some form of happiness as you too, long for the days of the Australian summer.

As the gentle rays of golden sunlight shone softly through the twisted branches of the tree top canopies, as the sound of laugher and chatter sweetly synthesized with the ambient noise around me, in that exact moment, all that I could comprehend was the feeling of absolute bliss.

By Marvic Casingal
Primed Men

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  1. nice outfit. I love that sweater & shoes.

  2. super chic outfit! love you necklace and all the whole look, and the color combination is just perfect <3