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(MBFWA) Gypsea S/S 2013/14

MBFWA, Fashion week Australia, Gypsea, Group Swim, printed swimwear

There is no doubt that printed swimwear will be all the rage next summer. Albeit,
swimwear which looks its had a photograph printed straight on popularised by Blackmilk and We Are Handsome have been around for a while. Now the debut success of Gypsea at MBFWA, a Western Australian label, which 'embodies the immense natural beauty in nature' reassures all of us that this hype is not dying down.

Gypsea showcased such a variety that would surely adapt to many facets of personal style.The most nature loving adventurer would enjoy the leafy greens or exotic birds. Girls with slightly quirkier styles can gravitate towards the funky feline piece. A standout piece would have to be that caged sleeve two piece featuring a unique Red Admiral Butterfly wing print (excuse my ignorance but I thought it was a reptile print). Such a creative vision made possible by designer Emma Jones and surf photographer Scott Bauer who I was lucky enough to have interviewed.

MBFWA, Fashion week Australia, Gypsea, Group Swim, printed swimwear

1. How did your brand Gypsea start? Was there always this passion to design swimwear?
I've worked as a surfing photographer for 15 years where I had the idea of doing something very different and challenging with my photography work. Swimwear seemed like a cool project to sink my energy into. I met Emma in Hawaii a few years previous through her husband Mikala, she told me about work as a designer and swimwear manufacturer. It wasn't till a few years later I asked her about printing image onto swimwear, she was really intrigued about the idea. We did some sampling and we were both really excited with the results, she then asked if I wanted to be business partners and the rest is history.

2. Tell us about your design aesthetic. 
Our aim is to create swimwear that flatters the female form. Effectively the human body becomes the canvas for the images so it's important the image flows well with the shape of the body. We work in reverse with design, we pick the images then we find the patterns that work well with it. One Pieces are always great to work with as they are such a great canvas. 

3. One very important feature of your swimwear are the gorgeous prints. Are they photographed by yourself?
In the latest collection I have photographed some of the prints, we also have some amazing photographers we are collaborating with, Alex Hyde and Alex Kearns. I do all the graphic work with the label, Emma works on all the pattern design and manufacturing.

4. Describe fashion week in 3 words. 
Exciting, prestigious, inspiring

5. What is one piece of advice you would give to any budding designer trying to break into the industry?
Always follow your dreams and be prepared for a lot of hard work

6. I've noticed you're from WA Australia, where is one place you would recommend for anyone wanting to travel there? 
I live in Dunsborough in the South West, I recommend the Dunsborough, Margaret River region. There's so much to see and do, from surfing, hiking, climbing or just taking it easy eating good food and visiting amazing wineries, its basically got it all.

MBFWA, Fashion week Australia, Gypsea, Group Swim, printed swimwear

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  1. in love with that caged bikini ;D

  2. my favorite are the bird and the cat bikini.. so cutee....

  3. I love them all, really gets me in the mood for swimwear shopping :) great post.

    x Angie

  4. I love how there's amazing nets and structures built from the swimwear.
    And its interesting how the designer took some of the photos as well as collaborating.

  5. love the second one! very cool. kisses

  6. Amazing pieces!