Monday, 15 April 2013


MBFWA, Trends, Sheer, Alice McCall, Natalie & Sarah, New gen, SS 2013/14

MBFWA, Trends, Sheer, Karla Spectic, Sheer Panelling, Staple the Label, SS 2013/14

MBFWA, Trends, Sheer, Michael Lo Sordo, Bec & Bridge, SS 2013/14

Now that Australian Fashion Week has officially come to an end, it's safe to say that the next 2013/14 summer trends are pretty much set. The sheer look was seen repeatedly in many collections which took its form from sheer panelling to drapery to languid and organic blouses. See: Alice McCall, Michael Lo Sordo, Karla Spectic, Staple the Label, Bec & Bridge etc
I'm not exactly sure what makes see-through pee-a-boo materials and shapes so alluring; maybe it's the fact that you're subtly showing skin without being vulgar or maybe it's because sheer fabrics are so incredibly light and full of movement. I have basically one rule of thumb ... if something moulds to your every move, it's a no-brainer-must-buy piece.

Will you be wearing this trend for the upcoming S/S 2013/14?

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  1. i like the first brand and second brand :)

  2. Love all your picks, Sharon! And oh my gosh, how amazing is that modern-day mermaid dress by Alice McCall? She is an absolute genius! All the sheer sartorial goodness also has me salivating...yum.

    So lovely meeting you the other week! Hope all is well in Sydney! :)

    <3 Mandy xx

  3. Oh my god I love every single one! Perfect perfect perfect! Can't wait this summer! Dear I love this post and you blog! I'm so glad that I found it xx

  4. I really love Karla Spectic's collection. I never new Australia Fashion Week was so amazing and on top of all, wearable!

  5. Loving the yellow skirt by Natalie and Sarah. The emphasized pockets are pretty cool

    Rianna xx

  6. oh wow such beautiful pieces!

  7. Love this!

    xx MJ

  8. the see thru lace with the vibrant green skirt is inspiring. i wnat to wear it!!

  9. I absolutely love this. I wouldn't be brave enough to go all out but definitely love this look incorporated into clothes!

  10. I just discover your blog but i must say it is very nice :)
    I like it a lot, you're very talented !
    I will come back for sure ^^


    Coline ♡

  11. Love your blog!! Fab post and deffs agree. I Love the way you used mbfwa shows as your inspiration. If you get the chance and could check mine out, mayb give me some tips would really appreciate it babe! xo

  12. Great post!

    - Imani Talib