Friday, 14 September 2012

NYFW Spring/Summer 2013 Highlights

New York Fashion Week just came to an end and something was itching inside of me to post a highlight rap up. I'm still in the midst of my Spring Series (2012) and this whole Southern Hemisphere seasons being behind their Northern counterparts is starting to annoy me. My last post was a review on the S/S 2012 trends because that would be useful for my Aussie readers. However without posting about the 2013 shows would mean I'm not staying up to date with current events (uhh first world problems). Don't get me wrong, sifting through all the collections was just so inspiring and definitely an amazing way to pass the time.
Jason Wu

'With anything powerful you need to send a restrain...while there's exuberance, the textures, the restrained colour palette, really made for a very sophisticated vision of a woman.' - Jason Wu. I definitely agree with Mr Jason Wu that although the overall collection was sophisticated and graceful, there was a subtle implication of a something more dark and edgy. I loved his mixture of leather with sheer fabrics or lace and the interwoven theme of provocation and elegance was apparent in the final gowns. First impressions portrayed a luxurious sumptuousness however with a closer look, the leather harnesses took me back to the days of the fetish trend in Autumn/Winter 2011/12.

Monique Lhuillier

It was aquatic but not loudly so ... more of an understated and refined kind of aquatic. To me, the collection screamed 'glamourous resort wear' with little hints here and there of the oceanic motifs. Gorgeous seafoam blues and teals, a mirrored digital print referencing feathers and water, a fresh flower tucked behind the model's ear; Ms Lhuillier completely sold me with the mermaid scaled frock.
Such a powerful yet detailed collection, in fact so intricate were the embroidery and the textures that it was borderline obsessive. Rodarte this Spring Summer 2013 gave me an impression of a medieval warrior but not just any kind, a headstrong female warrior. The garments filled with leather fringing and chains, had a distinct structure which celebrated the robust side to a woman.  Yes there were dresses and gowns but each seemed to imply a layer of toughness as if to say 'Why should men have all the fun with their metal armour and swords?' I can just hear Beyonce's mantra ... 'Who run the world? GIRLS'  
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  1. Great collections!
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  2. In love with everything specially Jason Wu creations :)

  3. Thank you for showing all this beauty together at the same page. It is a delight for the eyes.

  4. ohhh, Jason Wu- so gorgeous <3

  5. OMG!! Jason Wu rocked my world! BEAUTIFUL <3

  6. Jason Wu is definitely my favorite for the season - I don't know how he manages to get that right everytime but the structure of the Rodarte pieces now that I've seen them is kind of blowing my mind.

  7. Jason Wu's elegant lace is just wonderful! If only I could pull of that kind of dress

  8. Jason Wu is my favorite of all of them. I love the leather and the second dress is Amazing!

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